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cassidy Blaine

Hair & Makeup Artist

Cassidy Blaine, tenure of 22 years in the industry, is an innovational hairstylist whose methodical adaptability, and creative expertise, have made her sought after worldwide.

Revered with decorative clarity, Cassidy affiliates her superior work ethics, and an aptitude to coproduce with associates, to achieve a common vision for her clientele.

For the past twelve years she has accompanied Janet Jackson on tour as her traveling hairstylist including the “Unbreakable World Tour”-- and also Steven Tyler on the “A to Z Tour” as his make-up artist.

Born and raised native of Honolulu, Hawaii, Cassidy Blaine claims her many years behind the chair, enumerable print works, to the lights of the big screen “The Barbarian Princess” as an attestation to her wide spanned insight and exposure to the constantly evolving vocation to beautify.